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As a physicist I had written several books regarding technology assessment. Then 2004, aged 65, I shifted towards essays, fiction, even poems, see own texts for overview. Once a while I support Wikipedia, currently 2010/2011 I explain Wikileaks to non believers.

In industry as co-owner of "Patent Interconsulting GmbH" I had promoted the Bionic Saw with inventor Christoph Rossmann, forklifts with my son Leo, wire stretchers with IFIAT/Austria see

Further publication of my texts shall be welcome. For this purpose I recommend according contact, easiest per email via

As a sideline I act as "timemachine navigator phila", watch crew at, and my picture at, and I love to download talkshows out of past and future.

interactive: Mutual exchange of ideas, activities, creativity

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own texts: A selection of my writings in different fields, fiction, non-fiction and science-fiction

: My life has been in detail connected with my scientific, industrial and fiction work.

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Ungereimtes und Gereimtes - mit malerischen Interpretationen von
Sabine Kaemmel.
Essays commenting on societal affairs, innovative poems amended with artful paintings by Sabine Kaemmel. A proven and tested jewel as a present, with readily rejoicing receivers.
Child Survivors in Germany between Challenge and Provocation - printed version 55 p. and DVD, both for for conference of WFJCSH&D of Child Survivors, 2014 in Berlin.
Zu Wahrheiten vereint
Authors are "united toward common truth", even though coming from both East and West Germany. As witnesses of the history of German reunification, they find a common understanding, rarely achieved otherwise in Germany. So far 4 books, see cover of book about honorary office.

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